Wyrestorm – NHD-150-RX



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The NHD-150-RX from WyreStorm is an enhanced MultiView display decoder compatible with the NetworkHD 120 Series, an ultra low bandwidth AV over IP solution for distribution of point-to-point, one-to-many and many-to-many over a managed network.

This decoder is intended for use with 120 Series encoders, sold separately,  to provide a complete end to end video distribution system. When used in conjunction with the NHD-CTL-PRO system controller complete control integration is simple.

The NHD-150-RX MultiView processor is capable of displaying up to eight simultaneous video feeds on a single 4K display, with users able to select between many different layouts.

This unit can decode AV signal using low bandwidth compression technology and using this technology provides incredibly efficient video streams.

In addition to HDMI streaming over an IP Network, the NHD-150-RX sends RS-232 control signals to a source or display and CEC control commands to a display device for single control signal deployment without the need for additional equipment.

Security is key in today’s world and the NetworkHD decoder supports AES 128-bit AV encryption over the network. Data sent to an NHD-150-RX is encapsulated using advanced methods to ensure that sensitive or private data cannot be accessed by 3rd parties.

Compatible with the Network HD Touch and Companion Control apps to control source, matrix and video wall switching with preview streams of each encoder.

NetworkHD provides the most flexibility and can be perfectly tailored to your application requirements.