Wyrestorm CTL Pro V2



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  • Category: AV Over IP

The NHD-CTL-PRO is the new brain for NetworkHD and reimagines how a system should operate. WyreStorm has designed this controller to provide an innovative cutting edge experience. The all new unified setup allows all configurations to be made from one user interface. This includes adjusting IP address, naming endpoints, creating video walls, firmware updates and much more.

This intuitive user interface can be accessed from any device with a web browser whether it be a computer, smartphone or tablet.

The NHD-CTL-PRO also includes a powerful setup wizard that guides you from start to finish making it incredibly easy to have a fully configured NetworkHD system in a matter of minutes.

Unified environments are possible with the al new software, which provides an intuitive setup and control experience for NetworkHD. All configurations are performed in one interface which can be access via any device with a web browser. WyreStorm has taken all the common settings and made them front facing and quicker to access along.

The NHD-CTL-PRO’s setup wizard will help you configure a system quickly an easily by providing a guided step by step process such as adjusting IP addresses, naming endpoints or creating a video wall. NetworkHD is one of the simplest AV over IP systems in the market to setup.

The dual network interfaces allow the NHD-CTL-PRO to bridge AV networks and enterprise or control networks easily and efficiently. The two network interfaces provide complete isolation keeping multicast AV traffic separated from managed IT systems.

This controller is equipped with the latest security protocols. SSH and TLS encrypt all communications between the NHD-CTL-PRO and external computers or control systems accessing the API. HTTPS secures the webserver with certification authentication ensuring safe access to the user interface.

Please Note: This Controller does not support discontinued NetworkHD models