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5 Years Warranty

4 Zone Paging Microphone w/ Gooseneck

The MICPAT-4 is a sturdy active multizone-paging microphone. It has a flexible gooseneck and a high-quality directional condensor microphone.

With MICPAT-4 you can make paging calls to a maximum of four zones simultaneously. It has been designed specifically for use with the Apart ZONE4 pre-amplifier and future models. Multiple MICPAT-4 mics can be connected in parallel by using the optional RJ45SPLIT splitter.

Operating this microphone is very straightforward: select the zones you want to page by pushing buttons 1 to 4. You can select all zones at once by pushing the ‘all’ button. The call button is momentary: push to talk. All the other buttons are latching. During paging the call LED will light orange and all other microphones connected in parallel will be temporarily disabled (busy). In a multi-microphone setup the MICPAT-4 will automatically detect if another microphone is already paging. This is indicated by an orange call LED. When paging has ended the LED will return to green.

MICPAT-4 and ZONE4 have an easy plug-and-play installation and comfortable intuitive use. They have been designed with installer ease in mind!

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Type Paging
Dimensions (W x H x D) 115 x 60 x 162 mm
Weight 0.70 Kg
Warranty 5 Years