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Crowd Mic

5 Years Warranty

Introducing – The Biamp Crowd Mics Atom!

Crowd Mics™ empowers audience interaction by turning smartphones into wireless microphones. Crowd Mics is comprised of two apps — one for event attendees and the other for moderators — and a small pre-configured hardware host device the ATOM. The ATOM serves as the central connection point between the attendee and moderator apps and the room’s AV system. It supports four audio output interfaces: 3.5mm minijack Euroblock connector HDMI embedded audio and USB audio. Any combination of these outputs can be used simultaneously. Optionally the ATOM can be connected to the room’s displays via HDMI to project poll results or other event content. The ATOM also allows moderators to see a full participation log of each event including questions asked and poll results and can be remotely monitored and managed via SageVue™ 2.0. Both Crowd Mics apps are supported on Apple® mobile devices running iOS® v12.0 or newer and the attendee app is also supported on Android devices running v8.0 or newer. Crowd Mics is perfect for the participants and moderators of presentations lectures panel discussions or other similar events ranging in size up to 1000 attendees.

The Free App Empowers Attendees With Great Participation Features:
• Their smartphone acts as a personal mic broadcasting their voice to the room.
• Attendees can also participate in real-time polling.
• If an attendee doesn’t want to talk no problem! Just submit a question via text.
• Lets attendee know when it’s their turn to talk.
• Crowd Mics is hosted on a small device called the ATOM which can handle up to 1000 attendees.

Key Features

The ATOM Supports Four Ways to Output Audio to the Room:
• 3.5mm jack (unbalanced).
• Euroblock connector (balanced).
• HDMI embedded audio.
• USB audio.

Any Combination of These Outputs Can be Used Simultaneously.
Optionally you can connect the ATOM to the room’s displays via HDMI if you want to project poll results or other event content.

Configuring the Network Settings on the ATOM is Very Straightforward:
• Connect either network port to the venue’s Wi-Fi system.
• Power up the ATOM.
• Using a PC or laptop on the same subnet as the ATOM launch the ATOM’s adminstrative console.
• Click on the network page to verify network settings and make changes as needed.

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Warranty 5 Years