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Impera Connect-X MP6

The Impera Connect-X MP6 is a lightweight peripheral that easily extends the versatility of Impera controllers control pads and Apprimo Touch 8i control panels by adding serial IR GPIO and LAN control to Impera controllers connected to local area networks. Each LAN-connected Impera controller can host
up to eight Connect-X MP6 multiport extenders without consuming any LAN control ports. The Connect-X MP6 bridges the local area network and conventional AV ports letting installers use the convenience of ethernet cabling to bring AV ports directly to devices. At less than one-quarter pound (110g) the Connect-X MP6 is easily mounted using screws double sided tape or zip ties. The Connect-X MP6 is easily configured within Project Designer software as the needs of the room change over time making it a very flexible and cost-effective room control accessory.


• 1 bidirectional RS-232/IR control port with feedback
• 2 unidirectional RS-232/IR control ports
• 3 GPIO ports
• LAN control of 2 additional IP devices
• PoE powered (IEEE 802.3at Class 1 4W) for simple
single CAT5e/CAT6 cable installation
• Lightweight design less than one quarter pound (110g)
• Mounted with screws zip ties or double-sided tape
• Covered by a five-year warranty


The Impera Connect-X MP6 is a multiport extender for Impera controllers control pads and Apprimo Touch 8i control panels. The multiport extender adds 1 bidirectional RS-232/IR port for controlling third party devices with feedback functionality; 2 unidirectional RS-232/IR ports for controlling third party devices; and 3 General Purpose Input and Output (GPIO) connections for sending or receiving logic signals; and LAN control for 2 additional third-party IP devices. The multiport extender utilizes an ethernet network via an RJ-45 connector for software configuration and control. The multiport extender’s connections and operations are externally configurable. The multiport extender includes 1 mini USB port for local system configuration and maintenance. The multiport
extender includes one LED for power indication and one LED for status. The multiport extender is powered by PoE (IEEE 802.3at Class 1 4W). The Impera Connect-X MP6 is UL listed CE marked and is compliant with the RoHS directive. The Impera Connect-X MP6 is covered by a five-year warranty.