Jabra Speak2 40 MS Teams

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The floor is yours
Or the living room. Or your coffee table. Or that funny little table on the back of the seat in front of you in an empty train carriage. Basically wherever you need to have a meeting Speak2 40 is ready.

We’ve engineered the next generation of our world-leading speakerphones* with full duplex audio cutting-edge microphone technology and advanced speakers to help you make hybrid working work for you.

The power to interrupt
When is a conversation not a conversation? When it’s one person talking on a speakerphone that doesn’t enable equal contribution from all sides.

The Speak2 Range is our first to be specifically designed and engineered for full duplex audio allowing everyone to speak and be heard at the same time. Preserve the natural ebb and flow of face-to-face conversations and make virtual collaboration easier. The power to interrupt is in your hands. Use it wisely.

Just the good stuff
You want to hear what your colleagues are saying not the sound of their chairs squeaking or the whirring of Fred’s dying computer. That’s why the next generation of the world-leading Speak Series* has more microphones than ever before. Four to be exact.

These ultra-advanced beamforming noise-cancelling mics pick up sound from all directions expertly filtering out squeaky chairs and noisy computers so when your boss says “great job” you won’t miss it.

Every voice is equal
From the quiet contemplators to the out-loud-thinkers everyone on your team deserves to be heard. So we’ve made sure they will be with our revolutionary new Voice Level Normalization.

This advanced voice technology equalizes all voices to the same volume level so everyone is free to express themselves in the way that comes naturally and there’s no need to keep fiddling with the volume.

It’s all in the delivery
We’re tearing up the personal speakerphone rulebook with our latest addition to the world-leading Speak Series.* This powerful speakerphone will make sure every nuance of what you say comes across loud and clear.

Our full-range 50mm speaker and wideband audio captures and delivers sound across a wide range of frequencies for big beautiful room-filling sound that’ll have everyone transfixed. All you need to do is nail the delivery.

Friends with everyone
It doesn’t matter whether you’re working from your kitchen table your office desk or your treehouse if your speaker works smoothly with your virtual meeting platform you can get together anywhere.

Speak2 40 is certified for all leading platforms (which means it optimizes the whole experience and delivers professional call quality every time). So whether you prefer to jump on Microsoft Teams Google Meet or Zoom you can rely on seamless plug-and-play connectivity and reliably brilliant meetings right from the get-go. It’s also Works With Chromebook certified so perfect for Chromebook users too.