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ATEM 1 M/E Constellation HD

Introducing ATEM Constellation HD the world's most powerful HD live production switchers! These incredibly powerful HD switchers are available in 3 great models including a 1 M/E model with 10 inputs a 2 M/E model with 20 inputs and a massive 4 M/E model with 40 inputs! Plus each SDI input features a full standards converter. ATEM Constellation includes advanced features such as DVEs ATEM advanced chroma keyers media players multiviews and SuperSource processors. Plus the built in Fairlight audio mixer includes a compressor limiter 6 band parametric EQ and expander on each input. The free ATEM Software Control is included or you can add a 1 M/E 2 M/E or 4 M/E ATEM Advanced Panel.

ATEM Constellation HD switchers feature a compact rack mount design with a built in control panel. This allows operation of the switcher critical during setup or for emergency use. Also included is a large LCD so you can see program output and change switcher settings via on screen menus. The compact design is perfect for portable live production with the rear of the switcher including the connections for 3G-SDI inputs 3G-SDI aux outputs balanced audio and Ethernet for control. The top 4 M/E model even includes RS-422 for serial control and MADI digital audio connections. Even with all this power ATEM Constellation is extremely quiet with its innovative high efficiency thermal system.

ATEM 1 M/E Constellation HD
Powerful 1 M/E live production switcher includes 10 standards converted 3G-SDI inputs 6 x 3G-SDI outputs DVE 4 chroma keyers a 16 way multiview media players talkback and USB webcam output.

ATEM 2 M/E Constellation HD
The 2 M/E model doubles the features of the 1 M/E model with 20 x 3G-SDI inputs 12 x 3G-SDI outputs 2 DVEs 8 ATEM Advanced Keyers 2 multiviews and a SuperSource for a total of 6 DVEs.

ATEM 4 M/E Constellation HD
The massive 4 M/E model doubles the features of the 2 M/E model with 40 x 3G-SDI inputs 24 x 3G-SDI outputs 4 DVEs 16 ATEM Advanced Keyers 4 multiviews and 2 SuperSource for 12 x DVEs in total.

With 3 powerful models ATEM Constellation HD switchers are ideal for concerts and music festivals because you can place cameras on all areas of the stage for amazing coverage. Even live sports benefit from the huge number of inputs and DVEs let you build multi-layer compositions to cover the action. The fastest way to produce programming is live. With powerful internal graphics and lots of ATEM advanced chroma keyers you get everything you need for complex program production. ATEM Constellation is also perfect for house of worship programming as it’s big enough to allow professional results but it’s very simple to learn so it’s easy to train a volunteer crew.

ATEM Constellation HD uses a professional program/preview style operation which is the exact same way large broadcasters use live production switchers. This means you are using the same type of switcher used by the television industry. Both the free ATEM Software Control and the optional hardware ATEM Advanced Panels will allow program/preview style switching. This means you can select a source on the preview bus to ensure it’s correct before pushing the CUT or AUTO button to switch it on air. This 2 step program/preview process means far fewer mistakes. Program/preview operation means ATEM Constellation is the best solution for training students for a career in broadcast television.

With a control panel built into the front panel you can simply walk up and operate the ATEM Constellation at any time. ATEM Constellation HD has similar features to ATEM Mini so it’s a fantastic upgrade when you need a bigger switcher. Plus the front panel control buttons are the same premium type used on full sized panels so they are extremely reliable. You can even control keyers media and fade to black from the front panel. There is an industry standard 5 pin talkback headset connector on the front panel with controls for talkback control. Plus the front panel LCD and menu buttons also allow almost every single operational feature of the switcher to be accessed.

The ATEM Constellation HD family features models that have up to 40 independent 3G-SDI inputs with each input featuring its own dedicated up and cross converter. That means it’s possible to convert any 1080p input source to the video standard of the switcher. That means you could have each switcher SDI input running a different television standard and all the inputs will just work. On the ATEM 4 M/E Constellation HD model you can even loop out audio channels 1 2 3 and 4 from SDI inputs 1 to 30 to the two MADI digital audio outputs so you can hand off the switcher input audio to an external audio engineer for mixing.

The ATEM Constellation HD family have a massive number of fully independent 3G-SDI outputs. Even the small 1 M/E model has 6 x 3G-SDI outputs. Then the 2 M/E model has 12 x 3G-SDI outputs and the 4 M/E model has a massive 24 x 3G-SDI outputs. These SDI outputs are very powerful because you can independently route any SDI input or any internal source to each SDI output. That’s perfect for running independent feeds to stage screens master recorders and streaming processors. Or use the SDI outputs for ISO recorders where each deck will get a resynchronized switcher input with matching timecode. All SDI outputs contain program audio RP-188 timecode SDI camera control tally and talkback.

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