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ATEM 2 ME Production Studio 4K

ATEM 2 M/E Production Studio 4K

World's most advanced live production switcher with 20 6G-SDI inputs DVE SuperSource and much more.

Advanced Live Production

Creative features with advanced technology

Take your live production beyond broadcast quality. ATEM Production Studio 4K has all the features you need for the most innovative live concerts sporting events theater productions conferences and more. When you're doing live events with super large high resolution screens then simply switch your ATEM Production Studio 4K to Ultra HD for incredible quality. Many live events now use massive high resolution LED screens and projectors and now you can drive those screens in full resolution.

Highest Quality Connections

Connect to SDI and HDMI equipment in SD HD and Ultra HD.


ATEM Production Studio includes advanced 6G-SDI and HDMI 4K inputs that are SD HD or Ultra HD switchable so you can connect to virtually anything! Every input supports embedded audio mixing and features a frame resynchronizer so you can use sources without genlock such as consumer HDMI cameras or even computers for live PowerPoint™ presentations. You also get 2 balanced XLR audio inputs for connecting professional mixers and a HiFi audio input for consumer equipment like an iPod.


Get all the outputs you need to record your video master and to broadcast your program to the audience at the event. ATEM includes program and down converted program outputs plus auxiliary outputs allowing clean feeds perfect for connecting to giant outdoor LED screens projectors disk recorders monitors and broadcast decks. The multi view outputs are 1080i HD so you can use any TV or monitor. You also get a balanced XLR output of your audio mix which is also embedded into all video outputs.

Multi View

Get multi camera monitoring using a single low cost TVs

ATEM Production Studio 4K switchers let you connect loads of sources and monitor them all at the same time using the built in multi view. Multi view makes it easy to see your cameras graphics preview and program outputs on single screen. That means you don't need lots of monitors to see all your individual cameras! You get HDMI and SDI multi view outputs so you can connect to professional broadcast SDI monitors or even low cost big screen televisions using the HDMI multi view output! The advanced ATEM 2 M/E Production Studio 4K model features 2 independent multi view outputs so you can see up to 16 cameras across 2 screens.

Creative Transitions

Choose from a wide range of built in transitions.

ATEM Production Studio 4K switchers have an amazing choice of transitions including Cut Mix Dip and Wipe patterns. The advanced 1 M/E and 2 M/E models also give you key frame based DVE moves flying graphics and animated stingers.

Every transition is instantly available and you get full control of the transition type pattern length and more. With so many creative options you can always find the perfect 'on air' style so there's no limit to the combination of exciting effects you can create.

Upstream Keyers

Amazing multi layer live action

All ATEM Production Studio 4K switchers include powerful upstream keying for amazing broadcast effects! Layer live video titles graphics and animation over live video or graphic backgrounds with incredible quality using chroma luma linear and pattern keying. You get 4 built in upstream keyers and a DVE in the ATEM 1M/E Production Studio 4K so you can create mind blowing broadcast multi layer effects for your production.

Internal media players
Load on-air graphics to eliminate complex external servers.

You can store broadcast quality RGBA graphics in the media pool ready for instant playback via the ATEM media players. The two media players appear as input sources to your switcher. You can transition to graphics as full frame video or feed them to the keyers for overlaying video. Popular image formats such as PNG TGA BMP GIF JPEG and TIFF are supported. The advanced ATEM 1 M/E and 2 M/E Production Studio 4K models feature a larger media pool with live clip storage plus 32 still graphic support.

Photoshop™ Plug-in

Create and download graphics directly to your ATEM

With the included Adobe Photoshop plug-in you can create graphics live and then instantly download them into the ATEM media pool. Most graphic designers know and use Adobe Photoshop™ every day and now you can use their creative skills on your live production! Designers can create professional broadcast graphics such as logos lower thirds scorecards and other real time graphics that can be downloaded directly to the media pool. Now you can instantly change live graphics in seconds.


• Advanced live production switcher with 20 6G-SDI inputs DVE SuperSource and much more
• Switch between SD HD or Ultra HD video standards
• Multi View Monitoring – Use a single screen for all your monitoring
• Large graphics memory
• Exciting multi layer effects
• Massive 3840 x 2160 video resolution
• Live mix multi channel audio from your cameras in real time
• Compact 2 rack unit size


• ATEM 2 M/E Production Studio 4K
• Software CD

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