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Netgear XS748T-100NES

Product Overview
As a leading provider of network equipment for SMBs NETGEAR® understands the importance of reliable and high performance networks. With the growth of virtualization cloud-based services and applications like VoIP video streaming and IP surveillance SMB networks need to extend beyond simple reliability to higher speed and performance. The 10-Gigabit Smart Managed Pro Switch series from NETGEAR presents the right solution for this requirement; delivering unprecedented non-blocking 10-Gigabit bandwidth at an affordable cost.

The NETGEAR XS708T XS712Tv2 XS716T XS728T and XS748T are powerful Smart Managed Switches that come with 8 12 16 24 or 44 10-Gigabit Copper ports and either 2 Shared (Combo) Copper/SFP+ ports (XS708T/XS712Tv2/XS716T) or 4 additional Dedicated SFP+ ports (XS728T/XS748T) for 10G Fiber links. The NETGEAR 10-Gigabit Smart Managed Pro Switches are purposely designed as a cost-effective way to provide 10G connections to 10G-capable servers and NAS (Network Attached Storage) systems. They can be used at the “center of a small business network” or as an aggregation / access switch in a larger organization including workgroup access connecting to a 10‑Gigabit NETGEAR Fully Managed Switch on one end and extending the 10G connections to the edge. The XS708T XS712Tv2 and XS716T are also ideal for smaller workgroups that need high bandwidth for sharing collaborating editing and publishing high-density content like video or animation.

Comprehensive L2+/Layer 3 Lite Features
The 10G Smart Managed Switches provide comprehensive L2+/Layer 3 Lite features in order to meet current and future needs on virtualization converged networking and mobility. Some of the main features include:
• Advanced VLAN features such as Protocol-based VLAN MAC-based (Media Access Control) VLAN and 802.1x Guest VLAN.
• Advanced QoS (Quality of Service) with L2/ L3/L4 awareness and 8 priority queues.
• IPv4 and IPv6 static routing.
• Private VLAN.
• Dynamic VLAN assignment.
• IGMP and MLD snooping.
• Advanced Security.
• IPv6 for management QoS and ACL.

10-Gigabit Transition with BASE-T
• 10GBASE-T like other BASE-T technologies uses the standard RJ-45 Ethernet jack.
• It is backward compatible auto-negotiating between higher and lower speeds – thereby not forcing an all-at-once network equipment upgrade.
• Cat 5 / Cat 5e are supported for Gigabit speeds up to 100 meters.
• Cat 6 twisted pair copper cabling supports 10-Gigabit speeds up to 45 meters.
• Cat 6a or newer Cat 7 cabling will allow for up to 100 meter 10GBASE-T connections.

Designed as a Core Switch for SMB Networks
• 10G connection to 10G-capable servers and network storage.
• Powerful L2+/Layer 3 Lite features make them the most cost-effective core switches for SMB and virtualization environment.
• Future-proof your network with 10G bandwidth advanced traffic management and comprehensive IPv6 support.
• Static routing helps to route internal traffic for more efficient use of network resources.
• IGMP and MLD snooping provide advanced multicast filtering.

Act as an Aggregation Switch for Medium Sized Networks
• 10-Gigabit switches help to resolve the congestion issue between network edge and core which is caused by the broader adoption of Gigabit-to-the-desktop.
• 10-Gigabit Ethernet provides greater scalability than multiple Gigabit Ethernet links resulting in a simplified and highly efficient network infrastructure.
• Up to eight 10-Gigabit Ethernet links can be aggregated into a virtual 80‑Gbps connection.
• 10-Gigabit Ethernet reduces cabling complexity and uses existing cabling efficiently.

Smart IT not Big IT
• Easy-to-use web browser-based management GUI makes setup and management simple
• Standards-based technology ensuring interoperability with any standards-based devices in the existing network.
• Dual firmware images improving reliability and uptime to your network
• Worry-free with NETGEAR ProSAFE® LIFETIME Hardware Warranty*..
• Minimal down-time with NETGEAR ProSAFE LIFETIME Next-Business-Day Replacement Warranty.
• Get deployment assistance with 90-days Free 24×7 Advanced Technical Phone Support**.
• LIFETIME 24×7 Online Chat Technical Support.

Product Highlights
Hardware Features
10GBASE-T Connections
Support low-latency line-rate 10G Copper “BASE-T” technology with backward compatibility to Fast Ethernet (depending on model) and Gigabit Ethernet. Cost-effectively migrate current network to 10G capacity by utilizing the existing Cat6 RJ45 short connections (up to 30m) and Cat6a/Cat7 connections up to 100m.

10GBASE-X SFP+ Ports
Providing flexibility to uplink to 10G-capable core or aggregation switches that support fiber links. Backward compatible to Gigabit fiber. Support copper or fiber modules.

USB Configuration Port
Quickly and conveniently upgrade or restore firmware load or backup configuration files or download system log files for troubleshooting.

Efficient Ethernet (IEEE 802.3az)
Maximum power reduction for ongoing operation cost savings.

Software Features
Comprehensive IPv6 Support for Management ACL and QoS
Build current network with future in mind. Ensure investment protection and a smooth migration to an IPv6-based network without switch replacement.

IPv4/IPv6 Static Routing
A simple way to provide segmentation of the network with internal routing through the switch – reserving the router for external traffic routing only making the entire network more efficient.

Robust Security Features
Build a secured converged network with all types traffic by preventing external attacks and blocking malware while allowing secure access for authorized users.
• 802.1x authentication.
• Port-based security by locked MAC.
• ACL filtering to permit or deny traffic based on MAC and IP addresses.

Comprehensive QoS Features
• Port-based or 802.1p-based prioritization.
• Layer 3-based (DSCP) prioritization.
• Port-based ingress and egress rate limiting.

IGMP Snooping and MLD Snooping
Facilitate fast receiver joins and leaves for multicast streams. Save cost and improve network efficiency by ensuring multicast traffic only reaches designated receivers without the need of an extra multicast router.

Protected Ports
Ensure no exchange of unicast broadcast or multicast traffic between the protected ports on the switch thereby improving the security of your converged network. This allows your sensitive phone phone conversations to stay private and your surveillance video clips can be forwarded to their designated storage device without leakage or alteration.

DHCP Snooping
Ensure IP address allocation integrity by allowing only clients with specific IP/MAC addresses to have access to the network.

Private VLAN
Private VLANs help reduce broadcast with added security.

Dual Firmware Images and Configuration Files
Dual firmware image and dual configuration file for transparent firmware updates/configuration changes with minimum service interruption.

Auto-Voice and Auto-Video
Automatic Voice over IP prioritization (Auto-VoIP) simplifies most complex multi-vendor IP telephone deployments either based on protocols (SIP H.323 and SCCP) or on OUI bytes (default database and user-based OUIs) in the phone source MAC address providing the best class of service to VoIP streams (both data and signaling) over other ordinary traffic by classifying traffic and enabling correct egress queue configuration. Similarly Auto-Video VLAN enables IGMP snooping to minimize broadcast streams. For XS708T XS712Tv2 and XS716T when deployed IP phones are LLDP-MED compliant the Voice VLAN will use LLDP-MED to pass on the VLAN ID 802.1P priority and DSCP values to the IP phones accelerating convergent deployments.

Dynamic VLAN Assignment (RADIUS)
IP phones and PCs can authenticate on the same port but under different VLAN assignment policies. Users are free to move around and enjoy the same level of network access regardless of their physical location on the network.

Key Features
Packet Buffer Memory: 2 MB (XS708T/XS712Tv2/XS716T) 3 MB (XS728T/XS748T).
Bandwidth: 160 Gbps (XS708T) 240 Gbps (XS712Tv2) 320 Gbps (XS716T) 560 Gbps (XS728T) 960 Gbps (XS748T).
Priority Queues: 8.
Priority Queuing: Weighted Round Robin (WRR) and Strict Priority.
MAC Address Database Size: 16K.
Multicast Groups: 512.
Number of IPv4 Static Routes: 32 (XS708T/XS712Tv2/XS716T) 64 (XS728T/XS748T).
Number of IPv6 Static Routes: 32 (XS708T/XS712Tv2/XS716T) 64 (XS728T/XS748T).
Number of routed VLANs: 15 (XS708T/XS712Tv2/XS716T) 32 (XS728T/XS748T).
Number of ARP Cache Entries: 738 (XS708T/XS712Tv2/XS716T) 1024 (XS728T/XS748T).
Number of DHCP Snooping Bindings: 8K (XS708T/XS712Tv2/XS716T) 1K (XS728T/XS748T).
Access Control Lists (ACLs): 100 (XS708T/XS712Tv2/XS716T) 164 (XS728T/XS748T) shared for MAC IP and IPv6 ACLs.
Jumbo Frame Support: Up to 9K (XS708T/XS712Tv2/XS716T) 10K (XS728T/XS748T) packet size.

L2 Services – VLANs
Number of VLANs: 256 (XS708T/XS712Tv2/XS716T) 512 (XS728T/XS748T).
• IEEE 802.1Q VLAN Tagging
• IP-based VLANs.
• MAC-based VLANs.
• Auto-VoIP based on protocols (SIP H323 and SCCP).
• Auto-Voice VLAN based on OUI bytes (default database and user-based OUIs) in the phone source MAC address.
• Auto-Video VLAN.
• Private VLAN.

L2 Services – Availability
• Broadcast multicast unknown unicast storm control.
• IEEE 802.3ad – LAGs (LACP).
• IEEE 802.3x (full duplex and flow control).
• IEEE 802.1D Spanning Tree Protocol.
• IEEE 802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol.
• IEEE 802.1s Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol.

L2 Services – Multicast Filtering
• IGMP snooping (v1 v2 and v3).
• MLD snooping support (v1 and v2).
• IGMP snooping queries.
• Block unknown multicast.
• Multicast VLAN Registration (MVR): Yes (XS708T/XS712Tv2/XS716T) No (XS728T/XS748T).

L3 Services – DHCP
• DHCP client.
• DHCP snooping.

L3 Services – Routing
IPv4 Static Routes: 32 (XS708T/XS712Tv2/XS716T) 64 (XS728T/XS748T).
IPv6 Static Routes: 32 (XS708T/XS712Tv2/XS716T) 64 (XS728T/XS748T).
Host ARP Table: 738 entries (XS708T/XS712Tv2/XS716T) 1024 entries (XS728T/XS748T).
ICMP Router Discovery Protocol (IRDP): Yes (XS708T/XS712Tv2/XS716T) No (XS728T/XS748T).
VLAN Routing: 15 VLANs (XS708T/XS712Tv2/XS716T) 32 VLANs (XS728T/XS748T).
Number of IP VLAN Interfaces: 15 (XS708T/XS712Tv2/XS716T) 32 (XS728T/XS748T).

Link Aggregation
• IEEE 802.3ad – LAGs (LACP).
• Manual Static LAG.
• LAG Hashing: L2 only (MAC addresses).
• 8 LAGs with max 8 members in each LAG (XS708T/XS712Tv2/XS716T).
• 12 LAGs with max 8 members in each LAG (XS728T/XS748T).

Network Monitoring and Discovery Services
• 802.1ab LLDP.
SNMP: v1 v2c v3.
• RMON group 1239.

Network Security
• IEEE 802.1X.
• RADIUS accounting.
• Access Control Lists (ACLs): L2 / L3 / L4.
• MAC lockdown.
• MAC lockdown by the number of MACs.
• Control MAC # Dynamic Learned Entries: 600.
• Control MAC # Static Entries: 20 (XS708T/XS712Tv2/XS716T) 600 (XS728T/XS748T).
• IEEE 802.1x RADIUS port access authentication.
• Port-based security by locked MAC addresses.
• Dynamic ARP Inspection: Yes (XS708T/XS712Tv2/XS716T) No (XS728T/XS748T).
• Broadcast multicast unknown unicast storm control.
DoS Attacks Prevention: Yes (XS708T/XS712Tv2/XS716T) No (XS728T/XS748T).

Quality of Service (QoS)
Port-Based Rate Limiting: Egress only (XS708T/XS712Tv2/XS716T) Ingress and egress (XS728T/XS748T).
• Port-based QoS.
• Support for IPv6 fields.
• DiffServ QoS.
• IEEE 802.1p COS.
• Destination MAC and IP.
• IPv4 and IPv6 DSCP.
• IPv4 and IPv6 ToS.
• TCP/UDP-based.
• Weighted Round Robin (WRR).
• Strict priority queue technology.
• Auto-VoIP.
• Auto-Voice VLAN.
• Auto-Video VLAN.

• Password management.
• Configurable management VLAN.
• Admin access control via RADIUS and TACACS+.
• IPv6 management.
• SNTP client over UDP port 123.
• SNMP v1/v2c.
• SNMP v3 with multiple IP addresses.
• RMON group 1239.
• Port mirroring.
• Many-to-one port mirroring.
• Web browser-based graphical user interface (GUI).
• Smart Control Center (SCC) for multi-switch management.
• Dual software (firmware) image.
• Dual configuration file.
• Cable test utility.
• SSL/HTTPS Web-Based Access (Version): Yes (v3) (XS708T/XS712Tv2/XS716T) Yes (v2) (XS728T/XS748T).
• TLS Web-Based Access (Version): Yes (v1.0) (XS708T/XS712Tv2/XS716T) Yes (v1.0 ~ v1.2) (XS728T/XS748T).
• File Transfers (Uploads Downloads): TFTP / HTTP.
• HTTP upload/download (firmware).
• Syslog (RFC 3164).
• USB port for firmware updates configuration settings upload/backup and system log file downloads.

NETGEAR Warranty
• This product is backed by a NETGEAR ProSAFE® Limited Lifetime Hardware Warranty.
• Lifetime Next Business Day Hardware Replacement. Click here for coverage availability and terms and conditions.
• ProSUPPORT 24×7 Advanced Technical Support via phone for 90 days (Remote diagnostics performed by our technical experts for prompt resolution of technical issues). ProSUPPORT coverage can be extended by purchasing one three or five year contracts.
• ProSUPPORT Lifetime 24×7 Advanced Technical Support via chat.