Netgear WC7600-10000S

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Netgear WC7600-10000S

Product Overview

High Performance Enterprise-Class Wireless Controller
The NETGEAR® ProSAFE® WC7600 Premium Wireless Controller is a fully featured enterprise class high performance and secured wireless controller capable of managing up to 150 Access Points and 6000 concurrent clients per cluster. The WC7600 delivers ultra-fast Access Point discovery Layer 2 and Layer 3 fast roaming multiple 10 Gigabit connectivity a captive portal for guest access fully distributed architecture and ease of configuration and

The NETGEAR ProSAFE WC7600 Premium Wireless Controller manages the full line of NETGEAR ProSAFE Access Points from entry level single band APs (WNAP210 and WNAP320) business class dual band APs (WNDAP350 and
WNDAP360) high performance 3×3:450 Mbps per radio dual band selectable and concurrent APs (WNDAP620 and WNDAP660) to specialized in-wall mounted APs (WN370) and outdoor APs (WND930) to a full line of industry fastest 802.11 ac APs (WAC720 and WAC730) all with a single click of a mouse.

Unlike other Wireless systems that are costly complex and cumbersome to deploy the WC7600 wireless controller is ideal for K-12 education hospitality and healthcare deployments. Designed with simplicity in mind for management
and ease of use it offers enterprise grade functionality and capability for small to mid-sized organizations without the cost and complexity of big IT.

Product Features
Highly Scalable
• Supports up to 50 Access Points and 2000 concurrent clients per controller.
• Stack up to three WC7600 per cluster.
• Supports up to 150 Access Points and 6000 concurrent clients per controller

Multiple 10 Gigabit Connectivity
• Consists of 2x10G connectivity with SFP+ form factor.
• Backward compatible with 1G connectivity with SFP form factor.
• Additional 1x1G port with RJ-45 Copper connectivity.

Ultra-fast Access Point discovery with Ufast
• Ufasttm AP discovery provides super-fast AP discovery.
• Improves reliability and shortens setup time.
• Secured communication between AP and WC7600.

Distributed and Local Forwarding
• Data traffic forwarded to the best path without traversing the controller.
• Eliminates controller bottleneck for high throughput 802.11n and 802.11ac APs.
• Intelligent tunneling with Layer 2 and Layer 3 roaming.
• High Redundancy.
• Two redundant hot-swap power supplies (PSU) (one PSU comes with the controller; second optional PSU can be ordered separately).
• Two removable fan trays provide front-toback cooling airflow for best compatibility with data center hot aisle/cold aisle airflow patterns.

Enterprise-Grade and Feature-Rich
• Layer 2 and Layer 3 seamless roaming.
• Dynamic RF adjustments.
• WLAN healing for automatic RF coverage in the case of AP failure.
• Rogue AP detection.
• Bandsteering to optimally load balance traffic between 2.4 and 5GHz.

Investment Protection
• Dynamically moves clients from a congested frequency (typically 2.4GHz) onto a less congested one (5GHz).
• Supports 802.11n and 802.11ac ProSAFE Access Points.

Industry-Leading Warranty
This product is backed by a NETGEAR limited ProSAFE® Lifetime Hardware Warranty.
• ProSUPPORT Lifetime Chat Technical Support (Remote diagnostics performed by our
technical experts for prompt resolution of technical issues).
• ProSUPPORT 90 days Live Phone Technical Support 24 x 7.
• Lifetime Next Business Day (NBD) Hardware replacement (See for coverage availability and terms and conditions).
• Includes Lifetime Next Business Day Hardware Replacement.