UNICOL AXL15T2J | Axia Titan 1500mm PowaLift Electronic Trolley



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The AXL15T2J Axia Titan PowaLift 1500mm Trolley is a state-of-the-art solution for enhancing interactive displays in various environments, including educational institutions, business conference rooms, and public exhibition areas.

Key Features:

  • Optimized for Large Screens: This trolley is specifically designed for large screens, supporting sizes from 71 to 100 inches, making it ideal for environments where a larger display is necessary.
  • High Load Capacity: It has a substantial load capacity of up to 200kg, ensuring stability and security for heavier and larger screens.
  • Advanced Height Adjustment: Incorporating PowaLift technology, the trolley offers a smooth and safe height adjustment through 700mm. This feature is crucial for adapting to different user heights and interactive needs.
  • User-Friendly Controls: Equipped with a hand-held remote and manual switch, along with a 4-way power socket, providing effortless control over screen height adjustments.
  • Robust Design: It has dimensions of 1217mm (width), 735mm (depth), and an adjustable height, catering to various space requirements and display sizes.
  • Versatile and Practical Design: The trolley design not only offers mobility but also houses additional features like a laptop platform arm, enhancing its functionality for presentations and collaborative work.

The AXL15T2J is an excellent choice for those seeking a reliable, high-capacity display solution that provides flexibility and ease of use in dynamic display settings.

Safety Note:

Safety must always be a priority when handling large screens, which should be installed by qualified personnel using appropriate lifting equipment. Manoeuvre and position trolleys only on flat and even surfaces. Large screens may need removing when moving trolley under standard door heights.