AVMW91 | Heavy Duty Floor-to-Wall PowaLift



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The AVMW91 Avecta Style Floor-to-Wall PowaLift is a highly efficient and space-saving solution for interactive displays.

It’s designed for environments such as educational settings, meeting rooms, and public areas where screen mobility and accessibility are important.

Key Features:

  • Designed for Large Screens: This model supports larger screens, ranging from 71 to 98 inches, making it suitable for spacious areas where large displays are needed.
  • Compact and Slim Profile: The floor-to-wall design is both compact and slim, offering an unobtrusive presence while maintaining the functionality of the PowaLift system.
  • Smooth Operation: The PowaLift technology ensures a safe and smooth height adjustment. With a range of 700mm, it can accommodate various user heights and preferences.
  • Quality Construction: Built with well-proven technology and long-life components, the AVMW91 is designed for durability and reliability.
  • Multiple Control Options: Comes with a hand-held remote, manual switch, and a 4-way power socket as standard. It can also be controlled directly from a laptop for added convenience.
  • Safety Standards: Fully CE Approved and DDA Compliant, ensuring safe operation in any environment.
  • Load Capacity and Dimensions: It has a load capacity of 150 kg, with dimensions of 1800mm (height), 760mm (width), and 185mm (depth), offering a robust and stable platform for large screens.

Ideal for settings that require a large, interactive display with adjustable height, the AVMW91 brings enhanced functionality and accessibility to your space.