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Teranex AV is specifically designed with new features for live events and professional AV installations as well as broadcast and post production workflows. You get 1089 up down cross and standards conversions for all formats up to 2160p60 along with Teranex’s patented algorithms and legendary image quality. Teranex AV offers low latency and features a still store for adding logos and graphics a live freeze frame and can generate a reference signal. You get professional 12G-SDI and quad SDI connections which can be used simultaneously consumer HiFi XLR audio HDMI in loop and outputs and more. There are even metal brackets at the rear to prevent cables and connections from getting damaged when installed in tight locations.

The Teranex AV features low latency that’s as low as 67 milliseconds which means that you can convert any HDMI or SDI video format instantaneously to a different format and output it for projection in sync with the live event. For example customers using Teranex AV at a concert can project a close up of a virtuoso pianist as their fingers fly across the keys on a big screen projector in synchronization with the live performance.

For audio Teranex AV also features 2 channel consumer HiFi connections as well as XLR connections for 4 channels of AES/EBU or 2 channels of balanced analogue audio. The consumer HiFi connections are critical for professional AV customers because they allow lapel microphones laptop computers and other devices with consumer audio connections to be used with Teranex AV. Now customers can connect virtually any audio source to Teranex AV and use it to embed the audio with the video and output the signal in any format.

Teranex AV also features a still store that can capture a video frame in any format and hold it in memory even when the power is cycled. Customers can preload corporate logos or graphics to display between presenters at conferences or for outputting sponsor logos at concerts and events between acts. Plus Teranex AV has built in resynchronization so customers always get clean switches between the still store and live feeds for professional looking presentations.

There’s even a live freeze frame feature that temporarily holds any current frame on the screen until Teranex AV is switched to another video output a black frame or the still store. This is ideal for conferences and events where you may need to hold a slide on screen while the presenter makes changes to their presentation in the background. The freeze frame and still store make it possible to always have something on screen at all times.

In addition to HDMI and 12G-SDI connections Teranex AV also includes quad link 3G-SDI outputs making it compatible with a wide range of older Ultra HD monitors and projectors that only support quad link SDI 1080 HD inputs. This also makes Teranex AV a great video wall processor because it can split Ultra HD into 4 HD screens or it can scale regular HD up split it and output it onto 4 large screens for a tiled video wall. That means customers can create massive multi-screen outdoor displays and digital signs that will amaze the crowd at live events.


• Ultra low latency as low as 67 milliseconds.
• HDMI 2.0a 12G-SDI in out and loop through connections.
• XLR connections for 2 channels of balanced analog and 4 channels of AES/EBU audio input.
• Consumer HiFi connections for 2 channels of audio input from devices like laptops and iPods.
• Optical fiber cage for adding optional SMPTE compatible fiber optic SDI modules.
• Internal still store and live freeze modes.
• Patented Teranex processing for extremely high quality up down cross and standards conversions.
• Retains all ancillary data such as timecode and subtitles.
• 16 channels of frame accurate audio conversions and full audio channel remapping.
• Classic Teranex front panel makes it extremely easy for Teranex customers to integrate and use.
• Reference input for built in frame sync feature and reference output for sync generation.
• Built-in video test pattern generation with audio test tones.
• Gigabit Ethernet connectivity for remote control.
• Built in power supply supports 110V to 240V AC.


Teranex AV
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