Blackmagic SmartScope Duo 4K



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Dual 8 3 RU SDI/HD-SDI/3G-SDI/6G-SDI monitoring with built in scopes for technical waveform monitoring.



When you need high quality SDI monitoring SmartView monitors are the perfect solution! SmartView monitors are extremely thin and lightweight so are perfect for both broadcast and portable use and automatically switch between SD HD and 3G-SDI video formats. There are 3 great models; SmartView HD features a large 17 display SmartView Duo has 2 independent 8 displays and SmartScope Duo 4K adds the flexibility of built in waveform monitoring that can be assigned to either of its 8” displays.

SmartView monitors are the perfect choice to add SDI monitoring anywhere you need it. You can use them for broadcast post production on set monitoring flyaway kits broadcast trucks and more. When you're working with live production switchers you can build a video wall of camera monitors in your control room and see all your sources. You can mix and match different SmartView models in a rack for a customized monitoring solution where you can view your images and choice of scope displays side by side.


SmartView monitors are ideal for high end broadcast monitoring because they feature high quality filtering and scaling so you retain fine detail in the image. The fully digital design with high quality SDI inputs ensures precise color that’s easy to manage across multiple displays. SmartView includes ethernet so you can connect them to your network and centrally control all your monitors from a single computer using the SmartView software utility. SmartView also includes integrated tally that is fully compatible with many switchers or automation systems.


When you need to analyze image quality more accurately than simply looking at the picture then use SmartScope Duo 4K’s built in waveform monitoring! You can view two independent sources simultaneously and conveniently switch between monitoring or scope views whenever you need! Choose from waveform vectorscope RGB parade YUV parade histogram and audio phase and level displays and get broadcast accurate waveform monitoring that shows everything you need to know technically about your video and audio signals. SmartScope Duo 4K removes the need for separate expensive scopes.


SmartView monitors feature an elegant front panel that is designed to allow multiple SmartView HD SmartView Duo and SmartScope Duo 4K models to be mounted next to each other to create a beautiful wall of monitors that share the same appearance and width. Lightweight and ultra thin SmartView is perfect for broadcast trucks and fly away kits. When you need to mount SmartView in the extreme top or bottom of an equipment rack the units can be rotated upside down and the images will automatically flip to provide the optimum viewing angle.


SmartView supports SD HD and 3G-SDI formats SmartView has been designed for broadcast as well as post production and includes support for multiple SDI video standards including SD HD and 3G-SDI formats. They support new advanced video standards used in post production including 1080 progressive HD rates and even 2K over 3G-SDI. All video formats can be connected and changed at any time because SmartView will automatically switch in less than a second to the new format.

SmartView connects via ethernet and all monitors can be adjusted remotely from one location making it easy to match monitors. The SmartView software utility for Mac OS X and Windows lets you make changes even with a laptop and copy settings from one monitor to another. The software includes an identify function so you can find the monitor you’re adjusting even when you're working with lots of monitors. Because the adjustments are electronic monitor color is stable over time. You can easily add new software updates for new video formats and waveform displays via USB.


SmartScope Duo 4K includes incredible built in waveform monitoring so you can analyze video and audio signals with broadcast accuracy.


SmartView features an ultra thin lightweight design that’s perfect for broadcast racks trucks and portable flyaway kits.


SmartView’s high quality SDI inputs and loop through SDI output make it easy to connect SDI monitoring in any production environment.


Get support for the latest high bandwidth video standards including 1080 progressive HD and 2K over 3G-SDI.


• 2 independent 8 inch LCD displays in a 3 rack unit size chassis less than 1 inch thick.
• 6G-SDI inputs for SD HD and Ultra HD monitoring with re clocked loop outputs.
• Ethernet input with loop output for connecting to computers for central adjustments.
• Tally input for each monitor allowing red green or blue tally indication.
• Control software panel included free for Windows and Mac OS X.
• Full 10 bit data path and image scaling for high quality displays.
• Idea for use in broadcast post production and camera monitoring for switchers.
• SmartScope Duo 4K looks like a SmartView Duo but adds independent waveform monitoring so you can select between waveform vectorscope RGB parade YUV parade histogram and audio phase level displays
• Each monitor is independent so can display any combination of scope or picture view

• SDI Video Input
Automatically switches between SD HD and 6G-SDI. Reclocked loop through output

• SDI Video Output
1 x 10 bit loop through SD HD and 6G-SDI switchable

• SDI Audio Input
16 channels embedded in SD HD and UHD

• SDI Audio Output
16 channels embedded in SD HD and UHD

• Multi Rate Support
Standard definition SDI high definition SDI and 6G-SDI

• Tally
9-pin D connector


SmartScope Duo 4K
Power Supply
SD card with software and manual

Type Multi-Screen Video Monitors