Bose PowerSpace P4150+ 230V EU

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PowerSpace P4150+ 230V EU

The Bose PowerSpace P4150+ amplifier combines power and DSP into a 1RU four-channel design for quick-turn installations. Part of a comprehensive platform of loudspeakers controls and software that help installers deliver premium commercial sound systems efficiently Bose PowerSpace+ amplifiers feature a quick-setup workflow. An onboard configuration utility and intuitive browser-based UI present common tasks in a logical manner so you can configure the system faster reducing installation time while increasing setup accuracy. Once installed Bose-proprietary algorithms offer predictable performance while optional interfaces — such as ControlCenter analog zone controllers — make operation easy for end users. For premium commercial applications Bose PowerSpace+ models provide amplification and DSP in one integrated easy-to-configure package.

• 150 watts per channel and works seamlessly with Bose loudspeakers and controls to create complete commercial sound systems
• Built-in DSP including SmartBass processing routing level control delays limiters Bose loudspeaker EQs plus input and area EQs
• PowerSpace configuration utility facilitates setup with an integrated webserver and intuitive browser-based UI including real-time control with signal and thermal monitoring
• Opti-voice paging provides a smooth transition between music and announcements
• Integrated features to simplify commercial installations: Dedicated input for 600-ohm telephone or mic paging independent 600-ohm music-on-hold and line-level aux outputs and a NO/NC mute connection
• Load-independent outputs deliver full channel power to either low-impedance loads (4-8 Ω) or high-impedance (70/100V) loads without bridging
• I-Share outputs deliver 2x power level by combining the current of two channels
• Auto-standby mode saves power when audio signal falls below a set threshold then wakes when audio returns
• Intuitive end-user operation — optional ControlCenter CC-1 CC-2 and CC-3 analog zone controllers provide easy volume control and source selection

• Retail stores
• Restaurants and bars
• Hospitality venues
• Conference centers
• Schools
• Auxiliary zones

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