Jabra PanaCast 50 Video Bar System – ZOOM

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PanaCast 50 Video Bar System – ZOOM

The all-in-one video bar. For meetings that everyone’s all-in on.

A smarter way to work the room
The multi-award-winning PanaCast 50 is now available as an all-in-one video bar room system with intelligent AI experiences and an onboard Android compute for an engaging and easy-to-use meeting room solution.

Imagine meetings that started smoothly and kept everyone engaged from the word go. Now stop imagining it and start believing it because that's exactly what PanaCast 50 Video Bar System is designed to do.

• 180° field of view and intelligent meeting room experiences
• World-class professional audio
• Certified for Microsoft Teams and Zoom Rooms
• Easy to install & deploy with minimal cabling

PanaCast 50 Video Bar System was built for inclusion so it goes all-in to make sure the video keeps everyone in the frame. Three 13-megapixel cameras mounted in a high-precision multi-camera array cover every part of the room so you can get the most out of your meeting spaces and no one falls off the end of the screen.

The crisp high-definition patented real-time video stitching technology uses advanced algorithms to pinpoint the best way to live-stitch the three streams together as the meeting’s happening creating a smooth zero-latency 180° field of view in distortion-free Panoramic-4K.

Be seen and heard
Meetings are better when everyone can actually hear what’s being said. So as you’d expect from the world leaders in professional audio the Jabra PanaCast 50 Video Bar System makes sure your teams’ meetings sound as incredible as they look.

It adapts to whatever space they’re in using four powerful speakers in a zero-vibration stereo setup to flood the room with premium high-definition sound. That means even those sat all the way at the back will still know exactly what’s going on. And remote participants will hear things perfectly too!

Precision voice detection and full duplex technology use intelligent algorithms to automatically identify and remove residual echo and static noise so everyone can get in on the action without interrupting the conversation flow.
Beamforming 8-mic technology maximises the signal-to-noise ratio so that everyone sounds super sharp.

Ultra-Advanced System Architecture – Future-Ready
Next-level meetings demand next-level technology and next-level security.

Seven powerful Edge processors and 3 intelligent Edge AI processors perform real-time integration of audio video and data to give your experience a serious upgrade while on-device encryption wired ethernet and ready-for-WiFi connection options ensure your networks and data stay ultra-secure.

And because meetings must keep getting better the unique adaptable flexible architecture means PanaCast 50 Video Bar System keeps reinventing itself with future-ready feature updates and security protections that can be easily accessed using your platform device manager.

One Touch Is All It Takes
We all know the sweaty-palmed stress of rushing last minute into a meeting and then frantically fumbling around to get set up on time. But because the Jabra PanaCast 50 Video Bar System has an easy-to-use PanaCast Control touchscreen tablet to manage everything your teams can simply walk into their next meeting and instantly get going – directly joining sharing content and ending meetings with a simple tap.

PIR Motion sensor –The PanaCast Control touchscreen tablet has a PIR motion sensor that automatically wakes up the system as soon as someone enters the room.
Minimal cabling – One cable to connect to power over ethernet

Easy as 1 2 3
PanaCast 50 Video Bar System makes the most out of what you’ve already got going on with an easy-to-install design that fits neatly into your existing setup. Its streamlined shape comes with three different mounting options to suit every room. Choose from wall mount table stand or screen mount (VESA)* with clear-to-follow instructions. And with a single cable to connect and power the PanaCast Control over ethernet plus secure built-in cable management your space will always look clean and clutter-free. Because who doesn’t like keeping things simple?

Collaborate with your team in an instant wherever they are.
With more people working remotely it’s more important than ever to be able to instantly connect with your colleagues no matter where they are. PanaCast 50 Video Bar System is certified for Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom Rooms.

Fully immersive. For all.
Nearly half of all hybrid workers feel disconnected when not in the meeting room*. That’s why the intelligent features of the PanaCast 50 Video Bar System are the complete solution to keep meetings engaging and productive for everyone. Choose the option that best suits the meeting and get ready for a fully immersive equal experience that helps your teams deliver next-level results.

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