NovaStar MCTRL660-PRO



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  • Category: LED Control System

Novastar 660PRO Controller

Supports 10bit/12bit depth an increase of 4069 times over the 16.7 million colors provided by 8bit for a more detailed and realistic image.

1920×1200@60Hz loading capacity RGB independent Gamma adjustment and point to point brightness and color calibration all work to provide a more realistic and detailed image

Low latency with less than 1ms delay for ultra-smooth synchronized display.
With video source output of less than 1ms latency is effectively unnoticeable. This ensures high-quality display of content with no need to worry about the negative influence of latency on a presentation.

Image mirroring and rotation provide a creative and flexible stage.
Support for mirroring and rotation of a single or dual ports allowing a stunning effect with the push of a button.

Easily switch between a variety of application presets
6× 1G network port outputs and 2x 10G optical outputs. Support for sending/optical transmission mode switching. increasing transmission speed while making long-distance transmission easy. Saves on operating cost and convenience.

Multi-layeres protection methods
One-button restore from backup. Support for Web control and input monitoring to eliminate problems as soon as possible.