Epson LU960ST2

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LU960ST2 5200lms WUXGA Short Throw Simulation Projector

Reproduce True-to-life Images for Totally Immersive Experiences

• Flexible installation: 0.5 throw ratio with wide lens shift range.
• Factory calibrated white balance: colour accuracy technology offers consistency across different projectors.
• Support wide corner fit adjustment and 3D edge blending.
• Fast Mode: low latency of 8.3ms (@WUXGA/120Hz) for realistic simulation applications.
• Exclusive Simulator Mode: pre-calibrated settings for professional training at the touch of a button.

DLP Laser Projectors for Long-Lasting Vibrant Colour
As the world’s No. 1 DLP projector brand BenQ brings the new whole series of high brightness laser projectors with superior image quality flexible installation and easy-to-maintain/manage features. Experience the next-generation public displays and brand-new visual effects for the most immersive visual experience.

Superior Laser Brightness
Zero-deviation alignment of laser diodes boosts luminous flux into the light tunnel improving light efficacy to 5200 ANSI offering superior image quality in bright environments with high brightness.

Designed with IP5X Protection
LU960ST2’s design of sealed laser modules and enclosed light engines protects the DMD chip color wheel sensor laser package and other optical components prolonging the projector’s lifespan up to 20000 hrs.

Superior DLP Durability
Comprising over two million micromirrors that reflect pure light through the color wheel the DLP chip is hermetically sealed to resist heat for over 200000 hours without degradation.

Superior Contrast in Dark Scenes
The DLP technology performs at superior contrast level in dark scenes compared to 3LCD projectors which contain too much brightness on the screen from internal light panel. This is important for training simulation applications because the dark scene of the night time need to be real to life for pilots to read the information and react correctly.

Exclusive Fast Mode with 17ms low latency
Based on expertise gained from BenQ experience with near-zero latency gaming LU960ST2 employs a Fast Mode that provides latency as low as to 16.67ms (@WUXGA 60Hz) to achieve low-latency interactivity.

Superior Installation Flexibility in Limited Spaces
Highly installation-flexible for front and floor applications LU960ST2 short throw DLP projector is the best choice for indoor simulation training and commercial space exhibitions.

Unobstructed Viewing with 0.5 Throw Ratio
The LU960ST2 is equipped with a TR 0.5 short-throw lens to create up to 200-inch sharp and clear images within only 2 meters away. This enables the audience to stand closer to the screen without casting a shadow.

H/V Lens Shift for mounting flexibility
The LU960ST2 features a vertical/horizontal lens shift to move the image up and down up to 55% of the screen height – and adjust the horizontal position by 23% for an off-axis mounting location. This feature allows you to adjust the location of the image precisely to where you want without moving the projector.

Large 2D keystone + Corner Fit
LU960ST2’s digital trapezoid correction function allows users to correct images easily. Use the remote control and you can correct the images in a few clicks. Besides Corner Fit allows users for final fine-tuning.

White Balance Calibration for Seamless Edge Blending
BenQ’s exclusive out-of-the-box white balance adjustments can reduce white balance variables between projection images to a level of Delta E<2. This allows for seamless and accurate picture quality without disruptive discrepancies and saves time for blending. One-click Professional Simulator Settings
BenQ LU960ST2 DLP laser projector is equipped with Simulator Mode allowing users to activate an array of paired presets optimized for high-accuracy professional training at the touch of a button ideal for multi-projector setup.

Remote Control Projector ID Setting for Independent Control
LU960ST2’s remote controller ID pairing avoids signal interference with multi-projector setup on one location. The wired remote control feature also improves the installation stability when adjusting projector placement.

Reliable Lens Lock & Metal Lens Barrel
BenQ LU960ST2 DLP laser projector is designed with the Lens Lock that can fix the final position and focus of the lens avoiding the readjustment effort if any mistouching. In addition the metal barrel lens helps the zoom and focus adjustment to be more stable and accurate compared to a plastic lens.

Brightness (Normal) 5200 ANSI Lumens
Native resolution WUXGA (1920×1200)
Aspect ratio 16:10 (WUXGA)
Contrast ratio (typical) 3000000:1
Lamp Life Normal 20000 ECO 38000 Dimming 70000 Hours
Lens Throw Ratio 0.5
Horizontal Keystone ± 30 Degrees
Vertical Keystone ± 30 Degrees
Dimensions W x D x H 479.6 x 402 x 182.8 mm
Weight 12 Kg
Lens Ratio Short Throw (0.4 – 1:1)