Epson LH650 Projector

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Maximised Savings
Uncompromised Performance

BenQ SmartEco technology adjusts light source power intelligently without sacrificing image quality saving up to 70% more energy than traditional Eco Mode. Laser technology conserves energy an additional 23% compared to traditional mercury lamps while the device dims itself to minimum power in just 1.5 seconds.

Save Smartly
SmartEco Mode adjusts light source power by intelligently adapting to the content without sacrificing image quality delivering optimal performance.

Save Instantly
Press the Eco Blank button to turn off the image for a period of time reducing light source power consumption by 70%. If no signal is detected for 3 minutes the projector enters this mode automatically.

Increase Energy Efficiency
Auto Power-off powers down the device after 20 minutes of inactivity to save energy and minimise worry about leaving equipment on.

Driver-Free Wireless Projection
Make your BenQ LH650 projector wireless with the optional WiFi dongle. Share multimedia content including photos documents and full HD videos from mobile devices or laptops without addtional driver or software downloads.

Start Presenting in a Snap
Our projector eliminates those long awkward delays that happen when slower projectors power up. Simply turn it on and you’re good to go fast.

Auto Turns On
Auto Turns On automatically turns on the projector once the HDMI input signal is detected.

2D Keystone & Corner Fit
Adjust your projector's angle and corners regardless of its location to achieve perfectly aligned presentations.

Digital Shrink & Shift
Resize and reposition your image without moving your projector for customisable and seamless viewing.

Image Blanking
The projector's Blanking feature allows you to eliminate unwanted image areas and maximise screen space for a cleaner and more professional presentation.

Optimal Sound Quality
The built-in 10W speaker ensures your presentations are loud and clear eliminate poor audio quality and miscommunication.

World-leading DLP Projectors
Choose BenQ with confidence for all your projection needs. As the world's top-selling DLP projector brand for over 10 years we deliver unparalleled performance with the quality you deserve.

Brightness (Normal) 4000 ANSI Lumens
Brightness Category 3K-4999 Lumens
Native resolution 1920 x 1080
Aspect ratio 16:9 (Full HD)
Horizontal Keystone +30 Degrees
Vertical Keystone +30 Degrees
Dimensions W x D x H 303.5 x 224.7 x 112.4 mm
Weight 2.9 Kg