Epson EB-815E Laser Display

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EB-815E Epson’s first 4KE super-ultra-short-throw laser display designed for businesses hybrid working and immersive spaces.

The EB-815E can be placed just centimetres away from a wall to create bright 4KE images up to 160”. It projects content in stunning clarity and offers a low cost energy efficient large display solution with a convenient and quick set up.

EB-815E's super-ultra-short-throw lens allows discreet positioning close to the wall enabling presenters free access without casting shadows.

With 5000 lumens CLO and 3LCD technology the EB-815E is bright and vibrant up-to 160 which enables content visibility from all angles and distances. The experience is immersive and it's extremely simple to use.

Versatile wired and wireless connectivity options including Miracast™ screen mirroring ensure effortless multi-device content sharing.

Weighing only 12.3kg it is highly portable and the Epson Setting Assistant App makes setup quick and simple. The ideal display solution suitable for different room sizes combined with flexible installation options.

The EB-815E supports multiple aspect ratios and multi-projector edge-blending for a low cost seamless energy efficient ultra-wide display perfect for video conferencing.

Paired with Epson's Ambient Light Rejection Screen the EB-815E's image quality could be mistaken for a video wall or LED display but it is surprisingly affordable and consumes a fraction of the energy.

• Scalable 4KE display for any room 80-160 UST display for unrestricted viewing (no shadows/reflections)
• Bright and energy efficient laser 5000 lumens CLO with 3LCD technology for brighter colours
• Effortless connectivity options Auto-on wired/wireless display with USB 2A output for smart sticks
• Simple to use and built to last Virtually maintenance free with 5-year 12000hr warranty
• LED/Video wall alternative Surprisingly affordable with low energy consumption