Cloud 46-80T



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  • Category: Mixer Amplifier

The Cloud 46-80 is a versatile, four-zone, rack-mounting (2U) audio mixing amplifier. It combines simple control of background music, microphone paging and power amplification for up to four zones in a single unit. It has extensive remote control facilities and is ideal for installation in premises such as pubs, bars, hotels, clubs, leisure and fitness centres, retail and other commercial premises, etc.

The 46-80 has four mono zone outputs, each driven by an 80 W (nominal rating) power amplifier stage: if less than four separate zones are required, the power stages may be paralleled by moving internal jumpers to permit dual stereo, quad mono or stereo + dual mono operation, with accordingly increased output power. The power stages have extensive protection circuitry to safeguard both the amplifier and loudspeakers.


• Eight input (6 x line, 2 x mic) mixing amplifier for four zones

• 4 x 80 W power output, 70/100 V-line version also available (46-80T)

• CXL-80T 70/100 V-line transformers may be retrofitted per-channel to 46-80

• Slave mode: power amplifier stages may be paralleled in various configurations and fed from a single programme source

• Peak limiter to protect power amplifier stages and loudspeakers

• Utility/Loop output with independent mic/music mix and user-definable music source

• Balanced, line level aux outputs (pre-power stage) from Zones 1 and 2

• Four balanced and two unbalanced stereo line inputs with individual gain trim controls

• Two balanced mic inputs; 15 V phantom power selectable on either or both

• Zone 1 Facility Port for connection of optional remote input plates: LM-2 mic/line input + music controls, BT-1 Bluetooth input, L-1 line input, M-1 mic input

• Music Mute control input (N/O or N/C) for emergency alarm system

• Compatible with standard Cloud remote control panels: RL Series (music level) and RSL Series (music level and source selection), per-zone

• RS-232 port for serial control of per-Zone MIC 1 muting, music level and source plus global unit standby, Music Mute and MIC 2 muting

• User–selectable Automatic Power Down for maximum energy efficiency

• Convection-cooled (no fan): silent in operation