Cloud MPA120



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  • Category: Mixer Amplifier

The Cloud MPA Series is world-class; premium integrated Mixer Amplifier which provides a complete audio solution for Houses of Worship, retail outlets, hotels, licensed premises and other spaces where music, announcements and/or flexible paging are required. It combines the functions of a two-channel microphone mixer with full paging facilities, a six-input music source selector and a mono power amplifier in a single compact 1U unit.

The acoustic performance and best in class reliability makes this latest Cloud product another outstanding example of British design engineering by the world’s best manufacturer of BGM Electronics.


• Super compact design with very low power consumption
• Six (unbalanced) stereo line inputs with individual sensitivity adjustment
• Two balanced mic inputs – 12 V phantom power available on either or both
• Separate HF/LF EQ adjustments for mic and music source
• Paging control on Mic 1 input via short-to-ground access connection
• Mic 1 configurable as high-voltage input for paging from existing 70/100 V-line system
• Selectable VOX mic-over-music priority on all mic Inputs
• Automatic Mic 1-over-Mic 2 priority in Page mode
• Selectable LINE 6 priority with choice of release times
• Selectable pre-announcement chime
• Music Mute
• Facility Port supports BT-1 Bluetooth and/or LM-2 Active Input Plates
• Compatible with standard Cloud remotes RL-1 &RSL-6 Series
• Power amplifier protection circuitry & input limiter
• Transformerless output stage 70/100 V-line systems directly, or low impedance loudspeakers (4/8 ohms)
• Aux output from pre-amp (balanced, line level)
• Automatic power-down function (user-selectable)
• ENERGY STAR Certification applied for
• Convection cooled (MPA120MK2); forced-air cooling with variable speed control (MPA240MK2)
• 1U 19” rack mounting unit