Bose AMM Suspension Bracket

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AMM Suspension Bracket

The AMM Suspension Bracket is designed for use with Bose AMM108 or the Bose AMM112 loudspeaker. The Suspension Bracket is designed to provide single point suspension for the loudspeakers and mounts along the center of gravity so the loudspeaker hangs level. The bracket has multiple single-point suspension attachment points to allow incremental angle adjustment from 40 degrees (AMM108) or 35 degrees (AMM112) of downtilt and ranging to 30 degrees (AMM108) or 25 degrees (AMM112) of uptilt. The bracket fits the M10 threaded attachment points on the top of loudspeaker is shipped with required fasteners for attaching the bracket to the loudspeaker and is not designed for permanent outdoor use.

Type Brackets and Mounts
Single/ Pair Single