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Voltage Control Box

5 Years Warranty

The Voltage Control Box provides four inputs for analog potentiometers plus four logic input/output connections as a programmable control interface. Voltage Control Box allows creation of custom control panels with completely programmable functions. Potentiometers may be assigned to control various system levels. Logic connections may be assigned individually as either inputs or outputs for switch control of internal functions such as preset selection or for triggering external circuits such as status indicators.

• Four analog potentiometer inputs control system levels
• Four logic connections – any combination of inputs/outputs
• Logic inputs control presets mutes ducking combining etc.
• Logic outputs trigger external indicators speaker relays etc.
• Control functions assigned within system software design
• Control functions can be made to change along with presets
• Various Audia/Nexia controls allowed on same system bus
• 1000′ cable length per Audia/Nexia device control bus
• Convenient key-hole mounting (local power not required)
• RoHS compliance
• Covered by Biamp Systems’ five-year warranty

Type Controls
Warranty 5 Years