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Vocia LSI-16

5 Years Warranty

The LSI-16 serves as an emergency interface between a Vocia system and emergency/fire alarm systems. While typically powered from a certified 24V DC source it can also utilize Power over Ethernet (PoE).

• Parallel I/O ports for direct interface with fire alarm and emergency equipment
• 8 monitored I/O and 8 control inputs
• Redundant network connection and power supply options
• Power and data over a single Ethernet cable
• Local storage of configuration data
• Rotary switches for unit identification
• Accepts the Interface Module 16 (IM-16) for 16 additional general purpose inputs
• Status LEDs
• Rack mountable (1RU)
• Up to 4 discrete emergency inputs
• Up to 500 virtual inputs via RS-232 port or Ethernet
• RoHS compliant
• Covered by Biamp Systems’ five-year warranty

Warranty 5 Years