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VLF208 Yoke Bracket White

The VLF-Y208 yoke bracket is designed to mount the VLF208 subwoofer in either a vertical or
horizontal orientation. It is engineered to provide a high margin of safety when supporting the
VLF208 subwoofer. Yokes are manufactured of steel covered with a durable powder-coat finish
and are available in either black or white to match the color of the enclosure.

The VLF-Y208 yoke bracket is provided with the hardware required to attach it to the loudspeaker enclosure. No additional hardware is provided to attach the yoke bracket to the mounting surface. Such hardware must be supplied by the installer and should be sized and rated for the weight load of the loudspeaker keeping in mind that additional torque load may occur when focusing the loudspeaker within the yoke assembly. The installer is solely responsible for determining if the mounting surface is capable of safely supporting the weight load of the loudspeaker and for selecting appropriate hardware to install it.

Type Brackets and Mounts