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Biamp Community VB-TILT

5 Years Warranty

Product Overview
The VB-TILT Tilting bracket is specifically designed for use with the Community VERIS 2 installation loudspeakers. It is a two-part rotational device that fastens to a yoke bracket or to other hardware enabling precise angling of one VERIS 2 loudspeaker enclosure in relation to another. It can be used with all full-range VERIS 2 loudspeakers (models V2-6 V2-8 V2-26 V2-28 V2-12 V2-15 V2-32 and V2-35).

The VB-TILT is intended to be a versatile building block allowing the installer to develop and configure custom mounting solutions to suit the needs of varied applications. It can be used to hang and aim single cabinets from an overhead suspension point or to hang smaller downfill cabinets underneath main loudspeakers or loudspeaker clusters.

It is strongly recommended that the VB-TILT bracket be used in conjunction with a VERIS 2 horizontal mounting yoke or CMKIT ceiling mount kit as listed in Table 1. All VERIS 2 yokes are designed to accept the VB-TILT bracket and provide a wide range of aiming and tilting options. The VB-TILT bracket attaches directly to the yoke permitting one loudspeaker enclosure to be angled in relation to another in two axes.

It is also possible to mount the VB-TILT bracket directly to an enclosure rigging point on large VERIS 2 models V2-12 V2-15 V2-32 and V2-35. However caution must be taken not to place undue torque on the fitting or to exceed the single point working load limit. Each enclosure rigging point is rated at 100 lbs working load limit (WLL) with a 10:1 safety ratio.

The VB-TILT bracket is available in black or white finishes to match the color of the enclosure. Bracket parts are made of black or white powder coated steel. The hardware used for the attachment must be load-rated for the intended purpose. Also ensure that the structure you are attaching to is capable of supporting the loudspeaker and bracket assembly. This must include any torque load that may be applied to the structure as a result of the loudspeaker position and aiming angle.

The VB-TILT provides a high degree of safety for supporting the loudspeaker enclosure when used correctly. Mounting methods other
than those shown in this guide should be carefully considered so that undue strain and possible failure of the mounting points does
not occur.

Type Brackets and Mounts
Warranty 5 Years