Biamp BIAV23594B

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• Houses of worship
• Clubs and discos
• Theaters
• Performing arts centers
• Gymnasiums
• Fitness centers
• Discreet and aesthetic trapezoidal enclosure
• Optimized voicing for full-range reproduction
• DYNA-TECH™ driver protection circuitry
• Ferrofluid-treated HF driver for improved heat dissipation
• Carbon Ring Cone Technology provides 30% more piston
area with increased excursion capability in LF driver
• Terminal strip and NL4-compatible connectors
• User rotatable horn
• Multiple bracket options offer affordable arraying solutions
• Included in Community’s Forecaster HD ceiling distributed
system software
• Available in standard black or white finishes
The V2-3594 is a three-way full-range loudspeaker system
suitable for use in a wide variety of fixed installations. Featuring
horn loaded midrange and high-frequency drivers the V2-3594
provides improved pattern control over two-way designs
making it well suited when intelligibility and musical clarity prove
challenging such as in large reverberant spaces. The 90º x
40º pattern provides controlled coverage particularly useful in
rooms that are wider than they are deep. Extremely powerful
with exceptionally low distortion the V2-3594 is ideal for
applications such as contemporary worship services music and
dance clubs theatrical sound reinforcement and other
demanding work. Its trapezoidal design allows it to be clustered
with like units forming powerful arrays. The enclosure may be
suspended from its M10 threaded rigging points using a variety
of optional hardware available from Community or it may be
installed using a third-party mounting device. Featuring
extended high frequency response low distortion output a tight
punchy bass response and precise pattern control the V2-3594
is a versatile performer for use in music and speech
applications that require high quality high power sound
reinforcement at an affordable price. It includes a rotatable horn
design that allows optimal dispersion in either vertical or
horizontal mounting positions.

Type Three Way
Single/ Pair Single