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Qt X 300D

The Cambridge Qt™ X 600/600D control module is a sound masking generator controller third octave band equalizer and amplifier with two auxiliary audio inputs to allow for distribution of audio from paging controllers and/or (background) music players. The Qt X 600/600D controls up to 6 zones of Qt Standard or Active emitters. The Qt X 600/600D control module is a compact six-zone networkable controller suitable for installations of up to 72000 square feet (6690 m2). Each zone can be independently adjusted for masking and aux audio levels and spectra. Both models feature full compatibility with Biamp’s SageVue™ system management software. When multiple controllers are included in a single system audio inputs can be shared across all controllers via AVB or Dante (600/D).

The controller shall consist of all electronics required for operating a sound masking system from a single accessible location. Systems with distributed electronic packages above ceilings are not acceptable. The controller shall permit password protected access for control and monitoring via LAN/browser interface. The controller shall provide six zones and shall be sufficient to generate sound masking audio control and audio power for up to 72000 square feet (6690 m2) of coverage. The unit shall be capable of time-of-day masking level control; per-zone settings shall be available for day/ night levels and start times ramping interval and weekday/Sat/Sun behavior. Each audio output shall provide 4 noncorrelated channels of masking noise to minimize comb filtering. The unit shall meet all requirements of Underwriters Laboratories the US and Canadian National Electrical Codes FCC Part 15 and all pertinent UK and EU codes. The controller shall be CE marked UL listed and shall be compliant with the RoHS directive. Warranty shall be 5 years. The
controller shall be Qt X 600/600D.

• Compatible with Qt Standard emitters and Qt Active emitters.
• Supports up to 6 zones
• AVB or Dante (600/D) media network
• 2 audio inputs for paging and music
• Contact closure integrates with fire alarm systems
• Front panel with LCD
• Front Panel Lock (via software control)
• Auto ramping
• Event scheduling
• Adjustable equalizer for masking and audio inputs
• 4 non-correlated sound masking audio sources per zone
• Built-in clock with system NTP support
• Wall mount bracket included optional rack mount bracket also available
• Dual network ports (media / control)
• Web interface control by any web-enabled device
• Third party control API/Ethernet
• CE marked UL listed and RoHS compliant
• Covered by Biamp Systems’ five-year warranty
• Manufactured in the U.S.A.
• TAA compliant
• GSA eligible