Biamp BIATECX2000W

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Apprimo TEC-X 2000 White

Distinguished by its modern design aesthetic the Apprimo TEC-X family of AV control pads provide simple intuitive interfaces for presentation spaces and conference rooms via highly intuitive capacitive touch capabilities delivered at the price of a keypad controller. Equipped with an LCD the TEC-X 2000 is PoE powered (IEEE 802.3at Class 3 15W) wall-mountable and daisy chainable which greatly reduces cabling requirements and installation time. In addition the TEC-X 2000 supports all TTP commands and can be quickly programmed and customized within Tesira software as the needs of the room change over time making TEC-X a very flexible and cost effective control solution.

• Ethernet-based control solution for Tesira systems
• Capacitive touch LCD interface
• Supports up to 12 buttons on the LCD interface
• Control functions of onscreen buttons are easily programmed in Tesira design software
• High contrast touch-enabled LCD provides easy-to-read on-screen text and status messages
• Display brightness can adjust automatically to the ambient light level
• Assignable LED light bar provides optional feedback for mute and system state
• PoE powered (IEEE 802.3at Class 3 15W) for simple single CAT5e/CAT6 cable installation
• Up to four devices can be daisy chained together
• Supports all TTP commands
• CE marked UL listed and RoHS compliant
• Covered by Biamp Systems’ 5-year warranty