Biamp BIAIC61082WR26

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IC6-1082WR26 High Output 8-Inch 2-Way 120 X 60 Grey

I SERIES Compact 600 loudspeakers provide excellent acoustic performance flexibility and elegant aesthetics for a diverse range of applications in today’s performance venues. Designed to support the goals of systems integrators and consultants in need of very compact loudspeakers with exceptional near field fidelity for foreground or background music applications and articulate voice projection with very high output capabilities for fill and distributed applications. I SERIES Compact loudspeakers are engineered to be used alone or integrated with larger systems using I SERIES Point Source (IP) or Subwoofer (IS) models. Optional stainless steel powder-coated U-Brackets provide an easy mounting solution. Multiple attachment points provide compatibility with a variety of Community and third party mounting brackets.

The IC6-1082 is designed for maximum performance in a minimal size enclosure. The large user-rotatable horn coupled to a 1.75 (44mm) diaphragm HF driver provides consistent directivity and smooth response through the critical voice band then seamlessly integrates with the high output 8 LF through the crossover region. The precisely engineered low velocity flared port ensures low distortion extended LF performance at any output level. The IC6-1082WT models expand application flexibility by providing 70V/100V operation.

Community ALC404D is recommended for this product. Higher power ALC models may be used safely as well.

Type Two Way
Single/ Pair Single