Biamp BIAHM25G

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HM25-G Loudspeaker

5 Years Warranty

The HM25-G is a very powerful full metal horn loudspeaker with compression driver. Even the inner horn part is made in aluminium what makes the HM25-G unique!

The HM25-G is equipped with a high quality 100 volt transformer with three power taps including a thermal overload cut-off switch. The technology avoids any overload of your amplifier by controlling the impedance with the unique IMC protection device inside. This circuit controls the speaker’s impedance even beyond its nominal frequency range and protects your 100 volt amplifiers from overload.

The double cable glands allow easy wiring and connection of the HM25-G. The housing is totally weatherproof and its supplied aluminium bracket is also corrosion protected… ideal for long distance speech and alarm sounds in evacuation systems indoor or outdoor.

Exceptional sensitivity makes the HM25-G suitable for the toughest circumstances including high speed railway tunnels and stations a warehouse full of loud machinery or a school full of crowded students…The HM25-G is so powerful that you can be sure everyone heard your message loud and clear.

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Type Horn
Colour Grey
Single/ Pair Single
Wall mountable Yes
Dimensions W/O Stand (W x H x D) 206 x 206 x 266 mm
Weight 1.9 Kg
Warranty 5 Years