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ENTASYS Full-Range 3-Way Column Loudspeaker Black

Desono ENT-FR offers superior performance high output and high power handling capability in architecturally appealing enclosures. The scalable design supports configurations of loudspeakers from singles to floor-to-ceiling arrays of any length meeting the acoustical design needs of nearly any application. The ENT-FR high-performance three-way column line source loudspeaker system is designed for permanent installation in applications such as auditoria airports train stations conference centers houses of worship stadium concourses and museums.

ENT-FR is most beneficial in medium to large highly reverberant spaces. As a modular true line source an array of nearly any length can be assembled. Longer arrays minimize sound reflections reducing reverberation and increasing speech intelligibility. The ENT-FR and ENT-LF are equally suited for indoor and outdoor direct exposure applications.

The system is designed to be modular allowing the installer to place the center of the vertical system lobe symmetrically or asymmetrically about the vertical axis of the column array. Multiple ENT-FR columns may be used to create single lobe focused coverage. Or by implementing tall arrays using both FR and LF columns multiple vertical lobes can be created at independent points on the column – something previously only possible using powered steered arrays. A wide range of mounting brackets is available to fit nearly every installation.

Community ALC1604D is recommended for this product. Higher power ALC models may be used safely as well