Biamp BIAENT212W

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The ENT212 is an all-weather column line array housed in an attractive heavy duty extruded PVC enclosure. Twice the height of the ENT206 the ENT212 provides vertical directional control at far lower frequencies than the ENT206 plus enough power to cover medium-sized venues as the primary system. The ENT212 excels in noisy environments – gymnasiums and other athletic venues are just two of many examples – while its high-fidelity response makes it suitable for more subtle applications such as scholastic auditoriums houses of worship jazz and folk music clubs corporate AV presentations and much more. The excellent vertical directivity conquers large reverberant spaces providing excellent intelligibility and musicality. With the addition of subwoofers an ENT212 system is capable of meeting a vast range of requirements from the soccer stadium to the performing arts center. The ENT212 employs twelve high-power LF cone drivers and four Community CRE (Compact Ribbon Emulator) HF tweeter arrays in a single-amped configuration that employs a 4-way frequency shaded crossover.

All ENTASYS 200 models are available in standard black or white finishes include selectable low impedance or 70/100-volt operation a rugged pan-tilt mounting bracket and a permanently mounted safety eyebolt. The paintable enclosures share a 4-5/8-inch wide by 7-1/2-inch deep “teardrop” footprint.

Community ALC404D is recommended for this product. Higher power ALC models may be used safely as well.

Type Column
Colour White
Single/ Pair Single