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DX-IC10SUB-W Ceiling Speaker

The Desono DX-IC10SUB ceiling mount subwoofer provides a powerful high-impact bass response intended to augment any combination of Desono DX full-range models. By including a complement of DX-IC10SUBs into a distributed system musical results that equal or exceed that of much larger and more costly surface-mount systems can readily be achieved. The DX-IC10SUB’s clean clear bass response provides a compelling attraction for shoppers in a retail environment and a memorable experience for bar pub and restaurant patrons.

Dependent on program content and the size of the full-range DX models the ratio of DX-IC10SUBs to full-range models may vary from as few as 1:6 to as many as 1:1. For example one DX-IC10SUB will provide a strong supporting bass response for six DX-IC4s while four DX-IC10SUBs will better complement six of the more powerful DX-IC8s or DX-IC10s.

Single/ Pair Pair
Type In-Ceiling
Sensitivity 93 dB
Max SPL In-Wall Continuous 116 dB
Max SPL In-Wall Peak 122 dB
Colour White