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D-ALINP Input Panel

5 Years Warranty

In lots of applications a local input control can be a useful and above all a timesaving product. No complex devices with multiple buttons to control… just plug in and control the volume nothing more nothing less!

Especially in rooms where very often a music source or microphone is used the D-ALINP plays its role. Think of classrooms where each hour a different teacher uses the classroom and wants to plug in his laptop or meeting rooms where presentations are given on a regular basis. What about multi-function rooms bars restaurants or banquet rooms? With the D-ALINP you can connect your device in a blink of an eye!

The D-ALINP is a local input wall control panel that makes it possible to connect a music source and/or microphone. The connected music source (via stereo line-in summed to mono internally) and microphone (via XLR-input) have individual volume control. The built-in mic pre-amplifier and high quality input transformer (to avoid ground loops) guarantees an exceptional audio quality. The line and microphone input are automatically mixed together so that only one input at your pre-amplifier or mixing amplifier is used.

As the D-ALINP functions with a 24 to 48V phantom power supply it is extremely versatile and can be used with any mixing desk matrix or pre-amplifier that has a MIC/Line input with at least 24V phantom power supply (e.g. AUDIOCONTROL12.8 PM1122 (with modification) MA247(MR) MA30/60/120/240 ZONE4 (with modification) PREZONE … ).

The D-ALINP fits into any standard Decora in-wall box.

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Dimensions (L x W x H) 38 x 116 x 115 mm
Warranty 5 Years