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CMSUB8 Loudspeaker

5 Years Warranty

The CMSUB8 is an 8 dual coil ceiling subwoofer. Inconspicious integration of the subwoofer allows you to have a fat and deep bass sound without compromising on the space on your wall or floor. This subwoofer is the ideal partner for all kinds of satellite speakers: small to medium CM speakers (CM3T CM4 CM4T and many others) but also small cabinet speakers such as the MASK4(T).

Thanks to its discrete design (identically to many of our CM speakers) you can enjoy high quality background music with plenty of bass. Due to the aluminium grille this speaker is also suitable for use in humid conditions.

Ideally you should use the CMSUB8 in an active configuration for example by using our CHAMP-4 amplifier with integrated active low- and highpass filters. In case you use the CMSUB8 in passive speaker systems make sure the satellite speakers have their own highpass filters for optimum blending with the CMSUB8 speaker.

If you need more bass or when the room is acoustically troublesome add more CMSUB8 speakers and spread them across the area. The speaker is designed for infinite baffle use (e.g. into a ceiling) meaning that you don’t need to build a backbox! When built into an enclosure (e.g. furniture) we recommend a closed box with minimum 20 liters of volume.

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