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5 Years Warranty

8 in Two-way Built-in Marine Speaker 8 ohms/100W; 100V/20W

The CMAR8T marine speaker will bring high quality sound even in the most difficult humid places. In these humid environments the selection of speaker components is limited to just a few mostly not the best in audiophile performance. However we achieved to solve the material challenge and are able to bring you a marine speaker that offers a superb sound.

The CMART Marine Series has 3 different models in 5” (CMAR5T-W) 6” (CMAR6T-W) and 8” (CMAR8T-W). These loudspeakers are especially developed to be installed in humid or hot (up to 95° C) environments like swimming pools yachts bathrooms saunas …

This new waterproof marine speaker is already equipped with a 20 watts transformer (T20iP) what makes this waterproof speaker suited for low impedance as well as 100 volt systems.

Previously APART

Type Marine
Colour White
Single/ Pair Single
Weight 2.03 Kg
Warranty 5 Years