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AudiaFUSION Chassis

5 Years Warranty

AudiaFUSION is a modular networked amplifier capable of supporting up to 8 amplifier cards each of which are individually software configurable from 100-600 watts for up to 2400 watts of power. AudiaFUSION allows you to configure decentralized systems placing components close to speakers for reduced labor and material costs. When you install AudiaFUSION in a system with AudiaFLEX processing resources are shared.

• Amp modules have software configurable power levels/ load options of 100 to 600 watts @ 4 or 8Ω 70 or 100 volt operation
• CobraNet Interface (16 channels in/16 channels out)
• TCP/IP Network controllable
• LED Indication for signal present peak present clip present heatsink temperature fault amp failure fan stuck-rotor
• Internal amplifier module failover mode
• Entire device failover mode
• 2400 watts of power in 3 rack spaces
• Event scheduling

Warranty 5 Years