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ALCs provide all of the signal routing zone switching DSP processing protective limiting remote monitoring and amplification functions needed between a mixer and the loudspeakers in virtually any Community Professional Loudspeakers application. Standard Ethernet communication protocols allow for fast system design system control and remote system monitoring. Analog and Dante® inputs are included in each model for quick and easy integration into any new or existing system. Community-authored loudspeaker presets include equalization high pass filters and multi-stage limiters tailored to each model ensuring consistent sound quality and full loudspeaker protection in every application.

In-depth control and monitoring is accomplished via ArmonìaPlus System Manager Software. Tailoring the sound and managing the system can be done at a remote decentralized location. The ALC-404D can also be trusted in mission critical applications such as fire alarm systems thanks to the cleverly engineered power supply that allows reliable operation even when connected to a UPS in addition to the per-channel user-assignable fault-indicating GPIO connectors on the rear panel.