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ACPR Control Panel

5 Years Warranty

ACPR is a wired remote control with local line input for the SDQ5PIR active speaker. The ACPR audio control panel has a line input at the rear on euroblock connectors and one 3.2 mm stereo jack input on the front panel. This rear line input is in use when no jack is inserted in the front panel jack connector. Inserting a jack automatically disables the rear line input.

Connect the television of the hotel room with the ACPR and you have the perfect solution for your hotel room. The volume of the television can be controlled by the ACPR front panel on the wall. When the hotel guest wants to listen to some music on his smart device (Iphone MP3-player…) he easily plugs in the 3.2 mm stereo jack in the front panel. The music on his mobile phone or MP3-player will play in his room. The television will be playing again automatically when the mobile device is unplugged.

The brushed aluminium front of the ACPR fits into any interior style . For easy mounting two in-wall boxes are available: E-MODIN for dry walls and N-MODIN for brick walls.

Previously APART

Dimensions (L x W x H) 35 x 85 x 85 mm
Warranty 5 Years