Netgear AX742

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24G/48G Stacking Kit

AX742 Stacking Kit is cost-effective preferred method for local Virtual Chassis Stacking using both rear I/O bays. When some switches are distant affordable SFP+ (AX743) and 10GBase-T (AX745) I/O modules allow for fiber or copper distant connections still leveraging rear bays zero-touch stacking functionality.

• For deployment convenience M5300 series two rear I/O bays are pre-configured for stacking mode in factory default settings allows for zero-touch stacking as soon as back connectivity is detected.
• Copper fiber can be mixed and matched for stacking interconnect.
• One AX742 Stacking Kit per M5300 switch for local dual ring topology
AX742 is a bundle: 2 CX4 I/O modules AX744 + 1 stacking CX4 cable (1m – 3.3 ft)
• Latest IEEE 802.3ak 10GBASE-CX4 specifications (infiniband)
• Each I/O module half-duplex speed is 12 Gbps (24 Gbps full duplex) with 1m cable
• Dual ring stacking interconnect is 48 Gbps per switch (384 Gbps per stack) when one AX742 kit per switch (two I/O modules)
• Longer cable may be used (standard infiniband CX4 cable)